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Solving the replication crisis
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Streamlining inventory & regulatory management
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Making preparation efficient & safe
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Reducing waste & protect the environment
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Building the Lab of the Future
The Revo

Automating research
laboratory flow

LabMinds’ Revo is an adaptable, cloud-controlled system for liquid solution preparation that enables:

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  • Centralized, consolidating a multi-step, multi-tool process into one smart device
  • Fully automated, including chemical storage & dosing, solution mixing, solution pH adjustment, solution filtering & bottling, sensor calibration, and system cleaning
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  • Ordered from anywhere yet fully monitored
  • Prepared just-in-time
  • Maintained remotely through smart fault prediction and prevention strategies
Using the Labminds interface
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Traceable, with comprehensive insights into data and process
  • Invoiced monthly with itemized solutions, consumables, and subscriptions
The Revo is amazing! Powders and liquids go in, perfectly formulated buffers come out. I explored every inch of this robot and it's marvelously designed.
J. Colin Cox Scientific Manager @ Genentech and
SLAS 2016 judge
Revo has helped our efficiency in maintaining LCMS buffers, but also in consistency across all our systems. Resulted in an increase in data quality due to a decrease in human error
Carmelina Rakiec Operation Manager @ Novartis
Boston, Cambridge
Revo is the way to go for new automated buffer maker technology.
Lukas Associate Research Scientist
New Brunswick, NJ
The Revo is great for remotely preparing multiple bottles of buffer. We are able to automate buffer preparation for future use, rather than having to make solutions.
Max Cushner Lab Operation Specialist @ Avantor
Cambridge, MA

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