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Revo robot is being utilized in half of the top 30 pharmaceuticals companies in the world 

Having technologies like the Revo have definitely aided to our ability to work remotely
Thom Downstream Process Development Senior Associate
Durham, North Carolina
We are using the Revo as part of our remote protocols as well as Covid-19 drug development
Thanks to the Revo we have been ordering remotely to have solutions ready for multiple teams. This has been saving us up to 2hours of onsite lab time including the documentation
Revo has helped our efficiency in maintaining LCMS buffers, but also in consistency across all our systems. Resulted in an increase in data quality due to a decrease in human error
Carmelina Rakiec Operation Manager @ Novartis
Boston, Cambridge
The Revo is amazing! Powders and liquids go in, perfectly formulated buffers come out. I explored every inch of this robot and it's marvelously designed.
J. Colin Cox Scientific Manager @ Genentech and
SLAS 2016 judge
The Revo is great for remotely preparing multiple bottles of buffer. We are able to automate buffer preparation for future use, rather than having to make solutions.
Max Cushner Lab Operation Specialist @ Avantor
Cambridge, MA

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