Lab Services

What if you already have a buffer core or media kitchen? Being human, they may make mistakes, but they can do things that even a fleet of Revos cannot do yet, like proactively delivering your solutions to the downstream systems that need them.

Worry not, there is an option to have your cake and eat it too.

Revo Lab Services in collaboration with Avantor/VWR will provide you with all of this. All the accuracy, traceability, discipline, and efficiency of a machine combined with the flexibility that only a human can bring. LabMinds is also pursuing this arrangement with facilities that do not currently work with Avantor/VWR.

Workers reading a sheet

Solutions as a service

LabMinds is expanding its business through a strategic partnership with Avantor to offer our customers the new option of utilizing Revo within a lab service framework.

What does that mean?

Our Lab Services team assists everyone using solutions from discovery to formulations and QA/QC by providing services to the entire organization with a fleet of Revo’s supported by our on-site personnel.

The only point of customer interaction will be ordering what they want on the user-friendly Revo site. Solutions will be made by the nearest practical resource and can then either be picked up or delivered to the user.

While resembling ordering solutions online, there are a few meaningful differences:

  1. There is no buying process – simply place an order
  2. Solutions are delivered in minutes rather than days
  3. The solutions will always be fresh
  4. Prices will be meaningfully lower


Lab Services is enabled by the LabMinds cloud guiding service employees as extensions to the system, assigning them tasks that Revo cannot currently complete automatically. These range from restocking a given Revo to hand delivery of a solution to an end user.

This guarantees that even more solutions and actions are tracked accurately and reliably.

Scientists must only place the order. We’ll take care of the rest!

This enables us to handle things that a core facility could not:

  • Revos can supply satellite buildings with usage rates that do not justify a full human resource
  • 100% of the your solutions can be made – no more stock solutions which often leave the final steps outside the proper chain of custody
  • All the paperwork and quality advantages of a robotic system described elsewhere


Why would you get the Lab Services bundle rather than just a Revo?

  • You have a core facility or on-site services and would like to realize the synergies of incorporating them fully with Revo
  • You want the benefits of guaranteeing every solution at your organization is done to the same standards
  • You already have a process for some of these services but are interested in the overwhelming return on investment provided by LabMinds Lab Services
  • You value your employee’s time enough that solution delivery alone is worth the investment
  • You have a large campus where managing several Revos would only provide some of the benefits of automating solution preparation
  • You want automatic management and reporting of all of your chemical inventory